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2120W NEP 500W Micro Inverter Gridtie Kit


The 2120W Micro Inverter Grid Tie Kits NEP 500W are professionally designed

Power Generation: Average 212KWH/MO
Calculation: If Power is approximately 14 cents a KWH Then Monthly savings would be $29.68 Per Month
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2120W Micro Inverter Grid Tie Kits

Kit Details:(Professionally Designed)
pro design

Solar Panelline

250w poly solar panel 265 Watt Poly Solar Panels– Qty 8
– Dimensions: 65″x 39″x 1.97″
– Weight: 43.lbs
– Frame: Anodized Aluminum
– ULc Certified
– 25 Year Warranty


Capture BDM – 500W NEP Micro Inverter– Qty 4
– Max Input Power: 330W x 2
– Max Output Power: 500W
– Max DC Input: 60V

Envoy Communicationsline

Communication Gateway NEP Gateway (Touchscreen)– Qty 1
– Communication Gateway (Ethernet)
– wifi Optional

Trunk Cablesline

AC Extension AC Extension – 16 Feet– Qty 1
– 12 AWG, Extends AC Cable by 16 Feet


NEP AC Cable AC Cable – 16 Feet– Qty 1
– 12 AWG, AC Cable

Cable Managementline

NEP Male End Cap Female Endcap– Qty 1
– Caps Male End of Wire


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