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Tiny Homes: Three Top Tips To Consider

The “Tiny Home Revolution” has been a rising trend in both the eco-friendly and minimalist movements. With the push to “make more out of less” growing stronger and people looking for ways to live a more cost-effective lifestyle, Tiny Homes seem to offer a fantastic solution to both scenarios. While small homes have a lot to offer, they do require a fair amount of research to prepare adequately for the transition into significantly reduced living quarters. Fire Pit Fundamentals is a proud supplier of many resources suited to building or maintaining a micro home. If you’ve been thinking about making the shift to a tiny home, we invite you to take a look at our top three points to consider in advance.

1.Do you have experience living in extremely condensed quarters? Have you seen a Tiny Home up close and been inside?

As much as a picture may say a thousand words, unfortunately, when it comes to adequately assessing your personal need for space (everyone’s ‘bubble’ is different), there’s no substitute for a tangible experience. Being able to accurately visualize exactly how much space you need for essentials, along with how much space you want is irreplaceable. Even those with experience living in small areas will find moving into a Tiny Home an adjustment. Taking time to honestly evaluate and discuss how much space you need to be happy will save you the potential of future stress or any unwarranted surprises. Do your best to get some “hands-on” experience, and you’ll be able to evaluate better whether this is the right move for you.

2.What is your motivation?

There’s more than a few reasons that people look into building a Tiny Home. For many the inherent independence and freedom from a mortgage are appealing. For others, they see an opportunity to reduce stress, live greener, and streamline their lifestyle. No matter your primary motivator is, take a moment to ponder the source of your inspiration firmly. As we’ve said above, the transition to micro homes can be trickier than expected. In some cases, making such a big (no pun intended) move isn’t the best fit. There are lots of middle ground methods that can be implemented if you’re looking to live greener but aren’t sure if you want to sacrifice space. Partnering with a company like Fire Pit Fundamentals helps ensure that you make the most of your experience, regardless of which route you choose. Determining your motives will also help you define what products you’ll need for your build, making it more than worthwhile.
3. Make a list (and check it twice) of what you want vs. what you need in your daily life

Similar to determining your motivation, taking the time to list out what comforts and essentials you plan on taking with you to your new home will help inform several decisions in the overall process. Televisions, microwaves, computers, washer/dryers, are all comforts that need extra consideration when it comes to planning for power allotment. Not wanting to give up your “luxury” items doesn’t mean your automatically excluded from building a tiny home, but it might mean that you’ll have to be a little more creative with your build, and potentially spend more than you’d initially budgeted. You’ll already be giving up quite a bit of space, so it’s integral to know precisely which items you want coming with you. Adapting a flexible mindset makes it easiest to adjust, and will help you build your plans with more confidence.

Once you’ve pondered these initial three topics, your next step, should you want to proceed, is to contact a qualified builder and supplier. Fire Pit Fundamentals not only supplies most necessary items but with our owner serving as a Journeyman Red Seal Carpenter since 1988, we have extensive knowledge of building codes and best practices. We’re proud to offer sustainable solutions, and would be happy to partner you with from start to finish on your project. Contact us today, and view our tiny home designs and we’ll get you started on your way!

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